La Ballade du Val de Cèze

Excursions on horse back and with a "Pony" Open during all the year, the "Ballade du Val de Cèze"  's main activity is horse back riding in the nature mainly in the heart of the Cèze valley.

Join us at the  "Ballade du Val de Cèze"  to discover on horse
back the great diversity that the nature offers in our region.

This part of the GARD offers such a variety of landscapes that every excursion is different according the season and the wish of the rider.

With a horse you can discover wild zones, inaccessible by other means, and go to the nicest views to the Cévennes or the Mont Ventoux...



By groups, with friends, beginners or experienced riders

Choose your "balade"

We propose :

  1. Puce Strolls by small groups,

  2. *for 1 hour or 2 or 3 ... in the morning or afternoon

  3. *the evening, in summer after the hot of the day !

  4. *strolls in the moonlight, in summer, for those who like different sensation.

  1. Puce Excursions                                         

  2. *half a day or the whole day (with a pick nick)

  3. *several days (not during the peak of the season) upon wish of the client and according to possibilities of lodging

  1. Puce Pony rambles

The pony are here for the joy of the youngsters  (3 to 9 year old)

Price of the rambles in 2021                             On ponies      

       1h                      22 €                                       1/2h  10€

         1h30                 28€

         2h                      37€                                       1h      14€

        4h                       59€                                                                                                                

        daytime              75€                                    

If you like to have some precisions or more informations, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us,

we are always there to guide you.


CALL “FRANCE” cell 06 64 72 03 70, in the evening 09 81 65 43 04